If you’ve seen my custom repeat patterns, ceramics, house paintings, greeting cards, notepads, etc. and wanted to request something like that to gift your family or friends this holiday season, please enter the details in the form below and let’s get started!

I’m accepting submissions from July 1 until September 1!


-Fill out the form below.

-I will get back to you with more questions and request for reference images, etc.

-Once we’re aligned on the scope of the project I will send you a price quote.

-If you’re OK with the cost and timeline, I will get to work on your product and send you update photos along the way.

-You will pay (venmo, paypal) after the product is complete, just before I ship.

Price will depend on finished product material, size, quantity, etc. If you have an idea in mind and you’re just curious, contact me and I will be glad to put together a quote for you!

For example, small (~5in diameter) hand painted ceramic dishes and custom house paintings will be $50 each + shipping. Custom fabric would be $50 + cost of fabric (more yardage = more $) + shipping. If you’re interested but intimidated by the price, let’s chat and see if we can find a custom product at a price point that works for you!


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When do you want it completed by?
This request form will disappear September 1 to give me time to finish your project in time for the holidays. Turnaround time will depend on the product you've chosen. Ceramics could take up to 6 weeks. Paintings could take as little as 1 week. My objective will be to have everything completed and shipped by November 15, 2019.
What type of product are you interested in? *
I will get back to you within 1 week of your request.