this little robot dish is one of my very first pieces. i made a couple of dragonfruit dishes, a robot, and a flower. the flower turned out so crappy!! i mix my own colours, so i really never know how the colours will look until after they’re through the glaze firing. from this first set i learned to make sure i have a really thick layer of paint on the pieces so that my brush strokes won’t show as much.


-winter 2018-

i made a small collection of christmas ornaments to sell at local markets. the typewriter was a favourite (they are all my favourite) but it chipped sometime between bisque and glaze fire. i kept that one for my own tree. i think i actually chipped one of the dragon fruits too… didn’t pass the bounce test! i am learning not to be too attached to these objects. i’m trying to let myself just enjoy the time spent painting them and the knowledge i gain from successfully and unsuccessfully getting a finished product in my hands.


for christmas last year i made little dishes for some of my closest friends and family. i had learned a lot from my first pieces, but obviously kept on’ learning here.. the propeller of the airplane snapped off after bisque fire… the colours of the dog face really kinda blended together and became extremely dark after glazing… and green… whoa… i should just buy some green underglaze instead of attempting to mix my own because those colours turned out so hideous!! not at all what i expected! below is a photo of everything before bisque fire.


 for kinsey… her dog neeko’s sweet lil face. after bisque fire (left) and after glaze (right).


for my friend winston, i made a little dish out of a can of beer he noticed on one of his first trips to china. he loved the slogan “it makes you feel as if today is a special day”, and of course i did too.


for hyunoo, i made a D20 cause he’s super into dungeons & dragons. this was one i was really unhappy with how the colours came out after glaze firing. oh wellz!


for my friend sam who loves indie rock from the 90’s, i made a pink cassette tape.


my mother in law loves gardening and is particularly fond of sunflowers, so i made a little wheel barrow with sunflowers for her.


for my friends laura and caroline, i had their husbands sneakily take profile photos of their children and send them to me…then i painted silhouettes of their kids on the dishes. for these, i actually made stencils of them to make sure i got them as accurate as possible instead of just freehanding them on the dish.


if you think this is cool and would be interested in something similar for your friend or relation this holiday season, i am accepting commission requests august 1 - september 1. you can learn more by clicking here.