If you’ve seen my custom repeat patterns, ceramics, house paintings, greeting cards, notepads, etc. and wanted to request something like that to gift your family or friends, please enter the details in the form below and let’s get started!

NOTE: I opened this submission form from August 1 - September 1 for holiday orders and am currently working through the requests I received. At this point in the year, I cannot guarantee items like ceramics would be completed in time for the holidays, but if you get in touch I will get you a realistic estimate based on my current workload. The sooner you inquire, the more likely I am to be able to get it done! :) Please don’t hesitate to ask.


-Fill out the form below.

-I will get back to you with more questions and request for reference images, etc.

-Once we’re aligned on the scope of the project I will send you a price quote.

-If you’re OK with the cost and timeline, I will get to work on your product and send you update photos along the way.

-You will pay (venmo, paypal) after the product is complete, just before I ship.

Price will depend on finished product material, size, quantity, etc. If you have an idea in mind and you’re just curious, contact me and I will be glad to put together a quote for you!

For example, small (~5in diameter) hand painted ceramic dishes and custom house paintings will be $50 each + shipping. Custom fabric would be $50 + cost of fabric (more yardage = more $) + shipping. I am also able to do the sewing for you for simple products like quilted tote bags, zipper pouches, pet/house portrait pillows, or scarves. There would be additional fees associated with the sewing. If you’re interested but intimidated by the price, let’s chat and see if we can find a custom product at a price point that works for you!

P A T T E R N S - custom stationery / fabric / wallpaper / you name it!


{above} in 2010, we moved from alabama to north carolina. i created a repeat pattern design based on shared loves/significant forces in mine and my husband’s life~ our cats, edwin & albert, music, paper cranes, sushi, reading, chemistry/chemical engineering, hot air balloons, photography, and even included a little portrait of us on a paper moon. my mother-in-law had the good idea to use my pattern to be the cover of our rehearsal dinner invitation (right).

IMG_5590 (1).JPG
IMG_5507 (1).JPG
IMG_5508 (1).JPG
IMG_5510 2.JPG

{above} in 2017, for christmas gifts, i created a custom repeat pattern for my closest friends and family that i exchange gifts with and then had fabric printed and i hand-sewed quilted tote bags for each of them using the fabric. i had some fabric leftover in 2018 and made quilted zipper pouches… probably one more christmas’ worth of fabric left for each of them >.<!

C E R A M I C S - custom hand painted dishes / ornaments


{above} custom ceramic dishes made for christmas 2018. the dog portrait was a fav. bottom right photo shows all pieces together before bisque fire (and before glaze). see more on my ceramics page.

C U S T O M . P O R T R A I T - pets, people, houses, whatever

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.13.52 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.14.06 AM.png

{above} some commissioned potrtaits, for more see my custom illustration page.


want your own cool custom thingy? yay! please fill out the form below and i will get back with you within 1 week.

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