NSS - for real, for real.

WELP! today was day one of the national stationery show! hooooooly crap. we set out for javits around 9am (show begins at 10!). on the way, i stopped by the grocery store around the corner to grab coffee and morningtime treats for me and sam. while walking up the steps into javits i TRIPPED and spilled one of our beautiful iced coffees all over the concrete and also split the cup down the side so coffee was just slowly spilling out of the side of this cup while i laughed hysterically at myself -- NOTHING WEIRD! strangers literally applauded when i got up and successfully walked into the building. so. that was GREEEAT.

we had a few moments of calm reflection (i.e. secret silent panic) between booth visitors today and i sketched out a couple of prototypes for my new stationery line that i'll be launching soon:



today was pretty great. we talked to a lot of buyers, got a few orders, and saw some of our favourite designers all in one place. we're off to get manicures or wine or both! NEW YORK IS AWESOME! STATIONERY IS AWESOME! hooray!!