NSS - little update!

I had such a good time at NSS... Thank you everyone who came by my booth and gave me positive feedback and encouragement! It's waaaay outside my comfort zone to be the center of attention AND to have to sell myself...and that's basically the position I put myself in for 3.5 days - and over something as extremely personal as my art. I'm really lucky my husband came with me to be my hype guy and keep my spirits up when I wanted to run away because my shyness/social anxiety started getting the best of me. Hanging in there was so worth it, though. I am so excited to have my work in stores across the country! I made some great connections and I can see so many opportunities to share more of my art with people in the future! We're getting back into our (new!!) normal routine in NC. For example, yesterday we went to the farmer's market in the morning and got Indian takeout for dinner (old normal), and this morning I woke up and found an email order from NSS in my spam folder in my inbox, so I adjusted my spam filter settings and ran upstairs to package that order (new normal)!

thanks to the delightful doreen (http://www.bobanduncle.com/) for the picture!!