there is no try

it's been almost four months to the day since i went back to work after having silence. no surprise, it's been crazy intense attempting to remain badass at functioning as tyler case silence's mom and tyler case the photolithography sustaining engineering team lead and tyler case the person, the hyper sensitive introverted artist and musician who loves cats. if anything has slipped lately, it's definitely been tyler case the person. i know all new moms must struggle with this.

before the debate last night, we had matthew's computer plugged into the tv and were streaming some beck music videos (WOW!!!!, like right now!!!) and wound up on our old youtube channels. memories of days of more time to be creative came flooding back... my past self inspired me... made me realize i'm not gone, just currently on a new path trying to find a way to do it all again.

here are a couple of such videos... i composed the music in each: