"TYLRE STICKERS" ~ stickers for imessage! omg! yay!

exactly ten days ago i found out one of my favourite artists, rebecca chaperon, had released a sticker pack for imessage containing a handful of her amazing illustrations in sticker form... of course i immediately rushed to buy it... and it's been so fun! like having her sublime paintings in my hands at all times! then, of course, i was like "wait... i should do this with my designs!"

so i did.

lol. guys........

i was like "yeah, sure, i can hack that!" which is exactly how i approach LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE THAT COMES MY WAY which is LITERALLY DUMB lol i am so dumb. but also i enjoy the struggle, i like making my brain hurt, i like learning things. and you know, yolo.

i spent the past 10 days chipping away bit by bit at making this app for your enjoyment... i reset passwords, i downloaded applications, i agreed to a shit ton of long documents i didn't read, i updated iOS's (kill me), i spent $99 to become an app developer, i scratched my freakin' head, i googled HARD when things didn't work like they did in the quick tutorial videos and blog instructions i found for making a sticker pack, i got ALL UP ON them forumz and read all the comments, i restarted shit, closed & re-opened apps, waited forfuckingever for simulators to load, spent days trying to find workarounds for their absurd glitches, downloaded other applications .....and...finally..... FINALLY! got my app submitted.

during this time it became apparent that my fav artist girl totally appears to have had some other entity create her sticker pack for her because they also apparently made some other cool sticker pack for some other cool artist.

but anyway. GUYS. i did it. search for "tylre stickers" ! share your screenshots with me on instagram @tylrepaper <3

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 - 2017-10-27 at 15.17.12.jpg
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 - 2017-10-27 at 14.53.25.jpg