new skill in development alert

last week this Cute Girl who works at Cute Shop in town had me over to her Cute House to teach me how to screenprint. i think she was just being polite when she offered to teach me, but i took her up on it anyway! and... it was amazing. i LOVE learning. i LOVE making things with my hands. and i had no idea, really, that this would be so similar to photography and photolithography (what i did at work as an engineer only 6 months ago, before i left for a while to stay home with my daughter). anyway, i found myself super smitten with the process and my mind has been flooded with thoughts of cool potential screenprinting projects.

before this encounter with Cute Girl, btw check out her awesome work here - i had been thinking a lot about buying a letterpress. oh, i also have this giant scary spreadsheet going that showsme how much money i've made vs. spent on my business this year and let me tell you what... YIKES! >.< so i had been discouraged about how unreasonable it would be for me to buy a letterpress right now because, in my mind, letterpress = amazing combo of learning, making by hand, controlling production volume... but i hadn't really considered screenprinting.

so. this morning, i ordered a bunch of supplies with miriam's input. i'm looking forward to making a big mess and making more things.

here are a couple of snaps of the at home printing method miriam showed me ~ my design was a drawing of my daughter, silence, done by a 5 year old, for silence's 1 year birthday party this march. the drawing cracked us all up so much i've had it hanging in our house since the party. and now it exists on a bunch of prints & i can put it on LITERALLY ANYTHING I WANT! BWAHAHAHAHA! :) too much fun. more to come.