holy cute, pinman!

my bulk pin order arrived last week and they all look soooo freaking good! they’re officially ready for wholesale & retail customers. the maniki-neko turned out a bajillion times cuter than i imagined. i love the little dragon fruit too! it’s just so nice holding these things in my hands. i think this is along the lines of what i wanted to do myself with resin a couple of years back, but just could not achieve the nice, polished look i was going for. plus it took way longer to make resin charms by hand. plus it gave me headaches (and probably a small dose of cancer). these pins are professionally manufactured and uniform and and and and… i am just so happy!

i don’t know of anyone else in my stationery/gift circles making acrylic pins right now, so i hope that shop owners won’t feel hesitant to accept a new medium for pin cuteness. i just really did not feel that the enamel pin format was right for my hand painted art! and you know what? i feel proud of myself for thinking outside the box and not just making it work with what everyone else was doing. other people are making cool af enamel pins. i’ll make cool af acrylic pins. boom! problem solved! everyone’s making cool stuff!