o hai

it seems like a good time to start documenting. i have a few illustration projects in the upcoming year that i'm excited to eventually share here... the major designs on my list are a couple of friends' wedding invitations, and another friend's photography website logo. i also plan to make some greeting cards i've had in the back of my mind for a couple of years.

i'm attending national stationery show in nyc in may as my friend sam's booth bitch/hype girl. (you should check out her extremely amusing and adorable stationery here.) i'm so looking forward to it. maybe some year i'll have my own booth! for now i'm just glad to support a friend.

i also wanted to share some updates on more ambitious learning goals of mine. i have a lot of interests which can get overwhelming at times. continuing education and taking time to explore what you love is so important to me. i majored in chemical engineering in college which demanded a lot of my time and didn't leave many hours for practicing art or music... or being very social for that matter. now that i've been out of school for a few years i'm determined not to let myself get into a work/life rut. i am working on an independent study curriculum to broaden my understanding of a few subjects that are dearest and most fascinating to me. my subjects this year will be: ballet, french, science, and music.

ok let's do this!