film photography!

i'm an early riser... or i have trouble sleeping... or i have trouble falling back asleep after i wake up at ridiculous hours like 4am... my dad is also an insanely early riser. he naps a lot to compensate. me? i can't nap. i hate naps. naps make me feel like death. so i just drink lots of strong coffee and fight that shit like a whiny 10 month old baby (*cough* silence *cough*). for years, since high school i think... i can't remember when it really started... when i would wake up crazy early like that, i'd go downstairs or upstairs or whatever depending on our location, and meet my father in the kitchen for some coffee. he'd already be up, usually fully dressed, working on an oil painting, watching the news, smoking a cigar, and drinking coffee... sometimes he'd be packing one of his many camera bags with a plan to go out and shoot as the sun came up. on those days, i'd tag along and shoot with him. we continued this tradition all through college and to this day, but it's not quite as easy to get away for an excursion these days with a baby, and trying to see as many friends and family as possible during our short visits at home.

i think my serious love for photography started in high school. back then i used to ebay and buy old polaroids and i accumulated a handful of fun lomo cameras at that time. my favourite camera has always been my mom's old yashica manual 35mm. even after receiving multiple less janky 35mms to play with, this crazy old thing with an insane light leak is the most comfortable camera for me to use. i just love it.

over our trip home to alabama for christmas, my dad lent me his mamiya 645 120mm! i've used it before, to shoot one or two rolls, but for whatever reason right now i feel a really strong urge to explore my creativity with photography more. i want to capture better quality photos of silence as she grows up, and i want something to hurt my brain the way photo composition and tinkering with exposure settings can. so! from photography to photolithography and back again!

here are a couple of shots from the rolls i just had developed. i've been exploring double exposures a bit. hope you enjoy! if you're really into it, i made a page for the photos i've been taking with the medium format camera... follow along!

yashica 35mm

mamiya 645, 120mm