summer can end now

each summer, my husband's family assembles at their 100 year old camp in the adirondacks to enjoy however long they are able to break free from normal life in a quiet, cool, mostly off the grid, lakeside paradise. it's literally the most magical place on earth. i am so lucky to get to share in this summer tradition. i look forward to it all year. it's one of the few things about summer that truly makes me happy. also, since we go in late july it also signals the end of summer... which makes me even happier!

two years ago, we flew up to camp the day after i found out i was pregnant. i was completely panicked and very tired the whole time. last year, we drove from NC to NY with a four month old baby and barely left camp. this year, our sixteen month old enjoyed running around and playing with her not too distant cousins and we actually got to enjoy some swimming/boating/swanning time... we even went into town one night on an adult dinner outing with matt's two cousins and their husbands!

i just put a lot of 120mm film photos from our trip on my 2017 photography page... while doing that, i realized i left out an entire roll of b&w film from may that i recently had developed! i'll get on updating that soon. check out the photos here -->