shirking all our responsibilities yesterday was really great

the stars aligned just right yesterday - the weather was magical: blue skies & warm & sunny & breezy... AND matthew and i both had the day off from work! we headed to downtown durham and had ourselves a fucking DAY OF FUN IN THE SUN.

lunch outside at the fed (avec mimosa!), coffee & browsing at parker&otis, pit stop at a friend's house to help her move some boxes, duke gardens to lay in the sunshine and listen to the wind through the trees and strangers talking about cameras, fullsteam for three rounds of delicious beer (working man's lunch for me! NOM) while enjoying the company of a myriad of characters including some kind of terrifying giant white bird companion, a beyond adorable corgi puppy who made me rethink everything i thought i knew about how little i want a dog, and some really delightful women who asked us to play the board game clue with them. after replacing the empty parts of our bellies with beer we headed over to pizzeria toro and stuffed our freakin' faces with a sublime kale salad & one whole pizza each. we watched the first 30 or so minutes of the movie clue on netflix before FALLING. ASLEEP.

that was so much fun! but now back to work...i have a list of 24 cards i still need to paint by the end of this month, only 8 of which i've actually started! still have so many logistics to figure out! aaah! the joyful stress of trying to do something you love!!!!!