new product alert!!

guys guys guys! i finally made pins! but i couldn’t bring myself to do enamel pins. i have thought about it for years and years, but i couldn’t really make up my mind about how to convert my existing hand painted work to an enamel pin friendly format…and trying to make something to fit a different mold or just like jump on a trend was not of any interest either… but at some point about a year ago i had the thought to make acrylic pins instead. and then THIS year, i finally got my shit together and ordered some!


my samples arrived last week and they are so cute and i’m so excited. they look professional as hell and i love that they’re like little miniature pieces of art you can wear. for the samples, i only ordered 3 styles, but i just placed a bulk order today to include 2 other designs. since probably no one reads this, i don’t mind spoiling the surprise and telling you that the other two are a lucky cat and a dragon fruit!

i’ve had such a good response to these pins so far and i just can’t wait to keep making more new stuff and sharing it with people. <3 here’s a photo of my pins amongst some of my personal favourite pins by other brands including Near Modern Disaster, Old English Company, Naoshi Sunae, and Greenwich Letterpress.

You can order the acrylic pins in my online shop! <3 Please contact me if you’re interested in wholesale!!