colorado, y u no close to me?

good morning! it's 5:41am if you check the oven clock here, or 6:41am if your phone sprung forward and is telling you true mountain time, or 8:41am if your computer is still on eastern. i've been in colorado skiing with my mom, brother, cousin, husband and babydarlin' for the past week and it has been sublime. this morning we head back to the east coast and lose all kinds of hours... but i couldn't be happier! i've gotten to SHRED SOME BLACK DIAMONDS, play card games with my family, explore the world's cutest (and most expensive, yikes) mountain town, and even paint some for the stationery show! best of all, some time away from my typical settings gave me some inspiration for new products to try out this year. hopefully by NSS.

i freakin' love skiing... it's like flying and ice ballet had a sweet little downhill baby. i think at this point i've been 5-6 times, but i can't remember. my first time was kinda bad. i lost control and slid into some dude at the bottom of the lift. tangle of skis. people yelling at me. lost confidence. the trip after that, i think thanks to my family's encouragement and strength and flexibility gained from ballet, i was back on track. by my second or third trip i was definitely in control and craving speed, and most importantly having a fucking great time!

traveling with our daughter (1 year old next week, wow!) has been a little difficult. so much gear is required, even though i swear we did a great job paring it down and packing light. worse than that, she's been more cranky on this trip than i can recall her ever being for this long... but she's teething, and we have had her mostly trapped in a condo because it's freeeeezing outside and her little cheeks get so chapped in the cold wind, and her nose is dry because humidity is not a thing here, and she caught a little cold from touching. every. thing. from. north carolina. to. here. but seeing her take her first steps in telluride will be a beautiful memory to share with her for the rest of days! watching her look at and try to understand a chunk of snow in papa's hand will also be a fun memory... and her first gondola ride... and getting to be an expert at backing a stroller out of a moving gondola... these are all great accomplishments worth the trouble of leaving our house, haha! i'm excited to continue to make our vacations more complicated and joyous by bringing her along. every day, i've appreciated how incredibly fortunate we are to have the opportunity to come here and do this at all.