NSS - getting there

several months ago i made a commitment to my friend sam that i would go with her to the national stationery show and be her booth bitch/hype girl. i'm still not totally sure what to expect, but today we flew to new york to get ready for it! a dream for me would be to someday exhibit my own stationery line at NSS... and make a living being an artist... but for now i'm so happy to support a talented & hilarious friend however i can.

we woke up stupid early, got to the airport stupid early, ate oily omelettes at RDU, experienced the miracle of human flight, and then had lunch with a reeeeally calm dude (he said "no worries" at least thrice) whose apartment we're air bnb-ing for the week. this guy apparently used to work at le bernardin with fuckin' éric ripert and seemed to adore him as much as i do. so. that gave me warm fuzzies.

so anyway, we're here. we got some groceries. i'm going to go scour the adjacent blocks for absurd and trendy food like pizza cone...ttyl!