NSS - errands

today we caught a train to brooklyn, picked up sam's friends' station wagon, and then drove to who the hell lives out here?!  to ikea and lowes to run some errands and get some supplies for the show. at lowes one of the items on our list was 10ft strips of moulding which we were going to cut into 5ft strips for faux shelving for the booth... but lowes was like, "yeah, we don't cut that..." so sam had to buy a saw to do it ourselves. other minor detail: we had to cut the moulding before we drove anywhere because the 10ft strips wouldn't fit in the car. some really nice dude/complete stranger saw us struggling with the saw in the parking lot and sawed all the wood for us.

we made our way back to another friend's apartment and spray painted the moulding black and played with the world's cutest twin babies. around 4pm we rushed to javits to see if by some off chance we would be able to get all our boxes into the booth a day early... and we got super lucky! tomorrow will be more official setting up and stuff.

a booth bitch's work is never done!