analog lyfe is hard / happy accident!

do you think anna bond ever drops her paintbrush and ruins her paintings, or is that just me?

i was painting and talking to my mom on the phone the other day, trying to multitask, and i dropped my freaking paintbrush... it rolled out of my hand and over my paper and got paint eeeeevvverywhere essentially ruining this thing i'd been working on little by little for two days. i was so annoyed with myself for being so clumsy, but i have absolutely no time to dwell or grieve with my NSS prep work! MUST. KEEP. MOVING.

i immediately started re-painting it, and you know what? it looked so much better. i fell more in love with the design. i even cranked out a few more similar designs to fill out my line for the stationery show! so, yeah...! for the next few days i'll be finishing my last few paintings, getting things scanned, and uploading files for my very first proofs! AAAAHHHH!!!