zach & abby

i recently had the privilege of designing a wedding invitation for another dear friend! my husband matt's long time BFFAELYLASWTFBBQ, zach, moved to LA a while back. he's been pursuing a career in film and has since fallen in love with an astrophysicist named abby (um, hello?! how badass!). they're both super into their cats and floated a "cats in space" themed wedding invite... YAAAASSS!! the cats are based on zach & abby's cats, and one is showing off a pulsar flag on its space suit. i swear, i wikipedia'd pretty hard and i still don't understand what it means, but i'll try to take comfort in the fact that i'm good at other stuff. the most crappy thing about this is that silence got her first fever/virus the weekend of the wedding and matt had to change his plans to go at literally the very last minute. i wish we all could've been there to celebrate with them.

anyway... i had so much fun designing and painting this! i hope you enjoy it! just thinking back to those sunny april afternoons stealing an hour or so to paint while someone else watched the baby! mmmh! more like that, please! i have this amaaaazing idea that when silence starts sleeping more through the night i'll actually start to be able to get more creative things done again. i hope that's true.

analog lyfe is hard / happy accident!

do you think anna bond ever drops her paintbrush and ruins her paintings, or is that just me?

i was painting and talking to my mom on the phone the other day, trying to multitask, and i dropped my freaking paintbrush... it rolled out of my hand and over my paper and got paint eeeeevvverywhere essentially ruining this thing i'd been working on little by little for two days. i was so annoyed with myself for being so clumsy, but i have absolutely no time to dwell or grieve with my NSS prep work! MUST. KEEP. MOVING.

i immediately started re-painting it, and you know what? it looked so much better. i fell more in love with the design. i even cranked out a few more similar designs to fill out my line for the stationery show! so, yeah...! for the next few days i'll be finishing my last few paintings, getting things scanned, and uploading files for my very first proofs! AAAAHHHH!!!

greetings from colorado!

i'm in colorado with my family this week and my heart is already aching knowing that i have to eventually leave this beautiful place. last night, while everyone else went out to check out what's newly legal, i stayed in and began the process of converting some airplane sketches into paintings. you likey? this morning started with a delicious homemade cappuccino (thanks, cousin darrell!) and i convinced my mom and husband to follow me down a black diamond trail! beer & hot tub time, SEE YA!

illustration: slowly coming together

it's crunch time! i'm pretty happy with how the illustration is coming together, but certain parts are driving me crazy... i've drawn a face on nu (the bride) like 3 times now, and i keep disliking it and painting over it. eeeeek!! this design is actually going to be a triptych... which i'm super excited to see...someday...if i can ever paint this face... le sigh.



i woke up at 5 this morning for some horrible reason, so i started a rough draft of a possible illustration for remi & nu's rsvp card. incorporating the heart equation into their invites was remi's idea. seems so perfectly fitting for two engineers in love!

illustration: heythanks!

we're so lucky to have a friend who doesn't mind stopping by our place to check on our cats edwin & albert when we're out of town for one reason or another. yesterday matthew & i spent a couple of hours at our favourite coffee shop and, between a cappuccino and a giant cup of earl grey, i painted this little guy to say thanks to kinsey! looking at this photograph of the painting makes me so anxious to get a nice scanner already! SOON.