zach & abby

i recently had the privilege of designing a wedding invitation for another dear friend! my husband matt's long time BFFAELYLASWTFBBQ, zach, moved to LA a while back. he's been pursuing a career in film and has since fallen in love with an astrophysicist named abby (um, hello?! how badass!). they're both super into their cats and floated a "cats in space" themed wedding invite... YAAAASSS!! the cats are based on zach & abby's cats, and one is showing off a pulsar flag on its space suit. i swear, i wikipedia'd pretty hard and i still don't understand what it means, but i'll try to take comfort in the fact that i'm good at other stuff. the most crappy thing about this is that silence got her first fever/virus the weekend of the wedding and matt had to change his plans to go at literally the very last minute. i wish we all could've been there to celebrate with them.

anyway... i had so much fun designing and painting this! i hope you enjoy it! just thinking back to those sunny april afternoons stealing an hour or so to paint while someone else watched the baby! mmmh! more like that, please! i have this amaaaazing idea that when silence starts sleeping more through the night i'll actually start to be able to get more creative things done again. i hope that's true.

wedding invitations

well, i received the wedding invitation i designed for my friends in the mail this week so i guess i'm officially done with that project. it was such a huge honour! 

we put a lot of thought and care into this design to make it super unique and fitting.

remi and nu are both ultramarathoners. we're talking running 10+ miles on their lunch break from work and often competing in races and relays of insane (to me) distances. for example, last time they were in town it was so remi could participate in a 100 mile race...which he finished in about 18h.

they both also happen to be optoelectronic engineers (which is how they met, awwww). the equation on the back of the invitation is the equation to graph a heart. and as my fellow engineer (NERD!!) coworker pointed out, the fraction isn't reduced... but that was on purpose, of course... august 24 is remi and nu's wedding date! :)

nu's family is vietnamese and remi's family is french, and i knew that several of these invites were going to be mailed abroad, so i really wanted to do something with the multiple languages. we decided to do a tri-fold card with one panel in each language (vietnamese, english, french).

so those are the details... a couple of super adorable, super active nerds are making it legal this august in san francisco. i'll be lucky enough to witness their joyous union in person!! i really can't wait.