back to reality

it's been ...? an eternity? five seconds? since NSS ended. since then i've been doing what i think the youth is referring to as getting my hustle on. i've packed orders and sent out catalogs to stores that expressed interest... as well as to stores that i have an interest in! i've shipped samples to a company that wanted them, i've modified all my freakin' card files (twice now, because i'm dumb) for a new licensing collab i'm hopeful i can share soon! i seriously just hope they can forgive me for being some engineer girl who can use photoshop but literally doesn't understand a single fucking thing they say when they try to tell me in Real Artist lingo how to set up my files for printing! art board? what the fuck is that? but can i get away with doing it like this? no? shit! ok! i'm thankful they've been so patient with me, but i'm sure i'm like really high on this one guy's Things To Just Give Up On list right now lol. SIGH!

so that's mostly what i've been doing! i even went downtown yesterday to legally register my business name with the state. maybe a little late. but hey! i did it! one big step closer to being legit. it's looking like i should be Officially good to go by next week. that'll be a huge relief.

i've got new exciting projects coming up - a girl who works at a cute shop in raleigh offered to teach me screenprinting and probably didn't think i'd take her up on it BUT I DID so we're doing that next week! i cannot wait! my husband bought me a screenprinting kit years ago and i've been too intimidated so mess with it! so! YAY!

i'm also resuming harp lessons next month. crazy exciting. i've made time to tune my harp a few times in the past weeks, and i've even been practicing some old exercises and songs! YAAAASSSS. maybe i'll make some new harp practice videos for you punks! <3

the one thing i have left to do is start painting again... i've used my silence naptime to pack orders, call stores, call the guv'ment, stuff like that. painting will come soon. as ever, too many ideas, not enough time! i'm super excited to release more new cards in august!