christmas! tablet!

merry merry christmas!! we decided to drive home to alabama to see our parents for chistmas, so last night maffew and i drove from raleigh to asheville and enjoyed a papa john's pizza while watching meet me in st. louis in our hotel room. the movie got us curious about world fairs, which we spent several hours of today's drive from asheville to huntsville learning more & more about. if you have an hour or so to fall down a rabbit hole, i highly recommend seeing where this takes you -

for christmas, matt got me a wacom tablet so i've been trying to get acquainted... it's weird, y'all. i think i need a few more slices of my mom's homemade cheesecake while i try to figure this thing out. hopefully something good will come of it someday!


i made this hot air balloon ornament for a coworker the other day... it was a rushed hour of frantic painting and gluing and glittering, trying to finish it in time to bring to their christmas party. so much fun! 

this coworker is one of the only people i've met who is just as excited and enchanted by hot air balloons as i am! he and his family lived in albuquerque years ago and have been to the balloon fiesta several times... so jealous. SOMEDAY i'll make it out west for that.

i'm actually going skiing with my family in a couple of weeks and i'm sure we'll see a hot air balloon or two over steamboat... mmmmh! that will be my happy thought! not that there is any shortage of happy thoughts lately...

NSS 2015

well guys i applied for NSS 2015 and i got accepted! BOOTH 1867! so. eek! i had 65 copies of my first finished design printed to use as this year's christmas card. it's so cute! in fact, i anticipate that some of the recipients may find themselves here because of that card... so hi, if that's you!

so here's my plan! complete at least 50 card designs by the end of april.

wish me luck! THIS IS HAPPENING!

let's time travel

haven't made a little video in a long time... here are a few of my favs of yore <3


if you're reading this

if you're reading this and you're interested in seeing my progress on designs for the national stationery show... send me a message that includes your email address using the contact form thingy on the 'say hi' page and i'll share a peek with you :)

i have super mixed feelings about posting my final designs publicly before the show... but i really love sharing my progress on things. so. i think i found a compromise by way of secret, selective sharing!

<3, t

wedding invitations

well, i received the wedding invitation i designed for my friends in the mail this week so i guess i'm officially done with that project. it was such a huge honour! 

we put a lot of thought and care into this design to make it super unique and fitting.

remi and nu are both ultramarathoners. we're talking running 10+ miles on their lunch break from work and often competing in races and relays of insane (to me) distances. for example, last time they were in town it was so remi could participate in a 100 mile race...which he finished in about 18h.

they both also happen to be optoelectronic engineers (which is how they met, awwww). the equation on the back of the invitation is the equation to graph a heart. and as my fellow engineer (NERD!!) coworker pointed out, the fraction isn't reduced... but that was on purpose, of course... august 24 is remi and nu's wedding date! :)

nu's family is vietnamese and remi's family is french, and i knew that several of these invites were going to be mailed abroad, so i really wanted to do something with the multiple languages. we decided to do a tri-fold card with one panel in each language (vietnamese, english, french).

so those are the details... a couple of super adorable, super active nerds are making it legal this august in san francisco. i'll be lucky enough to witness their joyous union in person!! i really can't wait.