20 questions with postable.com!

my pals at postable asked me some questions and i gave them some answers! if you'd like to know more about me and my artistic journey, and the things i think about while i'm at the dentist, check it out! (by clicking the picture or link below the picture, yo.)

also... disclaimer... i was so excited to answer these questions and gave some pretty detailed answers, and then i checked some other artists' questionnaires and they were all, like, one word answers >.< lol sorry, i'm totes strugglin' to play it cool and keep it simple on the internet.

NSS is a'comin'!

NSS is only a couple of weeks away, but i'm feeling calmer than usual pre-show.


i'm excited to share my pre-show mailers with cool stores i've either personally visited or found online and think might be a good fit for my stuff. if you landed here because of that, hi!! i hope to see you at NSS! if you're not attending the show, i'm still excited to share my new products with you soon! :)

each envelope included with my mailers was hand-painted (just like all my desings) and features a floral pattern based on a repeat pattern i recently painted and made into fabric.

this year for NSS, in addition to making a bunch of new greeting cards, i've pared my card line down a bit, removing some designs i loved that just didn't sell well over the past few years, and reworking some designs that i felt could use improvement. i'm also introducing handmade chiffon neck scarves this year... below is a preview! there will be 6 different styles all from desings i've hand-painted. can't wait to share more soon!

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.23.06 AM.png

that frustrating thing that probably happens to most creative people

we're about two months away from the national stationery show and i made the mistake of looking at the NSS2018 hashtag only to discover a design idea i released in 2015 prominently featured among the most recent posts. but it wasn't my design... it was someone else's image with my concept.

so immediately my heart sank ... #1, self doubt, is my idea so basic that lots of people thought of it too? ... #2, invisibility issues, since my brand is still pretty much unknown as fuck, are people going to find this other person's design first and think i copied their stuff? ... #3, business fear, are they going to be more successful than i am with my own dumb idea?

anyway, i'm trying not to be too bummed about this. it's a 3 year old idea of mine... it's a now very trendy creature... it is certainly not god's gift to the greeting card industry. it may have been low hanging fruit... but damn!

how do you deal with this feeling? my decision is to whine for a second on my blog that no one reads and just keep making stuff because i love making stuff. i know i didn't copy this person's design. i looked at their products and since they appear to make 100% animal pun items, i don't think they copied my design either. i think maybe it's just a concept that's out there like pineapples and unicorns and fucking monstera leaves. and i can't help what other people think. i can challenge myself to create more things that are uniquely my own which is something i've definitely been doing as my art has evolved over the past few years.

here's my design by the way. i'm not going to link to the other person's because i don't want to imply that they did copy me... but... picture a narwhal taking up the same space and facing the same direction on a card but surfing and the text says "have a gnarly birthday." not identical. but not too far off.


tylre paper flowers

yesterday i decided to make some paper flowers during silence's naptime. i've been extremely interested in creating ultra fancy, extra beautiful, super surreal paper flower arrangements and garlands for my house for QUITE some time... but seeing a recent walk through of amy sedaris' "at home with amy sedaris" set pushed me over the top with a burning desire to do it like RIGHT NOW. so i found a tutorial on martha stewart's site of course and made a lovely little arrangement while the sleet and rain fell here in raleigh yesterday afternoon.

aaaaaaaand i'm obsessed.


TYLRE STICKERS ~ app update!

ok! i'm super excited to announce that updating my sticker app for imessage was about a bajillion times easier than creating it from scratch, so! i have just submitted an update with like 15 new stickers to the itunes store!! check it out!

apple users: search "tylre stickers" in the app store and have fun!



i'm starting to think really hard about new products i want to make next year, and designs i thought were awesome but need to cut because they didn't resonate with the masses the way i hoped. i wonder if it's because i failed to get them in front of the right audience, or if they're just not as relatable to people who buy & send cards? probably a third thing, like i'm just so ahead of my time? my very sweet father told me that last week. i do believe it in some ways.

anyway! all this to say i put some stuff on SAAAAAAALE in my shop because, as much as i love it and am proud of it, i am either planning to rework it because i have a better visual for the message, or it's just going to disappear. think of it as...limited edition, collector's stationery. once it's gone it's gone. it's hard to say goodbye but i have some other great ideas i need to get out there and i just can't keep this shit in stock anymore.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.43.29 PM.png

"TYLRE STICKERS" ~ stickers for imessage! omg! yay!

exactly ten days ago i found out one of my favourite artists, rebecca chaperon, had released a sticker pack for imessage containing a handful of her amazing illustrations in sticker form... of course i immediately rushed to buy it... and it's been so fun! like having her sublime paintings in my hands at all times! then, of course, i was like "wait... i should do this with my designs!"

so i did.

lol. guys........

i was like "yeah, sure, i can hack that!" which is exactly how i approach LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE THAT COMES MY WAY which is LITERALLY DUMB lol i am so dumb. but also i enjoy the struggle, i like making my brain hurt, i like learning things. and you know, yolo.

i spent the past 10 days chipping away bit by bit at making this app for your enjoyment... i reset passwords, i downloaded applications, i agreed to a shit ton of long documents i didn't read, i updated iOS's (kill me), i spent $99 to become an app developer, i scratched my freakin' head, i googled HARD when things didn't work like they did in the quick tutorial videos and blog instructions i found for making a sticker pack, i got ALL UP ON them forumz and read all the comments, i restarted shit, closed & re-opened apps, waited forfuckingever for simulators to load, spent days trying to find workarounds for their absurd glitches, downloaded other applications .....and...finally..... FINALLY! got my app submitted.

during this time it became apparent that my fav artist girl totally appears to have had some other entity create her sticker pack for her because they also apparently made some other cool sticker pack for some other cool artist.

but anyway. GUYS. i did it. search for "tylre stickers" ! share your screenshots with me on instagram @tylrepaper <3

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 - 2017-10-27 at 15.17.12.jpg
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 - 2017-10-27 at 14.53.25.jpg

paper. source. y'all.

my best friend hyunoo moved from birmingham, alabama to DC after graduating college in 2008. i've been heading up there to visit him at least annually ever since, and every time i'm up there i specifically request making a special trip to paper source. for years, YEARS before i even thought of starting my own stationery business, i've been wandering through the paper source store in alexandria, VA with the dreamiest of dreamy eyes... just basically getting lost in the cuteness and feeling so inspired to make things and share art with people.

it wasn't really until i started getting involved in the stationery world that i realized what a big store paper source is... and that they actually carry cards from other small businesses like mine! so since i launched my business, it had been a dream of mine to work with them... and this year my dream came true (slash hard work and persistence paid off? however you choose to look at it)! i'm so thrilled to share that one of my cards is now available at paper source! after packaging and labeling over 600 copies of this card all by myself... i had the teary eyed privilege of visiting it in its new home at paper source this past week! i've also already had friends in seattle, WA and (you guessed it!) alexandria, VA send me photos of themselves with my card in the store. i'm feeling so proud and accomplished and delighted! going to try to hang on to this feeling for a while.

 i took the original painting to paper source to see how far she had made it in the world &lt;3

i took the original painting to paper source to see how far she had made it in the world <3

 i heart animal puns &lt;3 ~ you can snag this card from my etsy store OR AT YOUR LOCAL PAPER SOURCE!!! OMGGG! &lt;3

i heart animal puns <3 ~ you can snag this card from my etsy store OR AT YOUR LOCAL PAPER SOURCE!!! OMGGG! <3

summer can end now

each summer, my husband's family assembles at their 100 year old camp in the adirondacks to enjoy however long they are able to break free from normal life in a quiet, cool, mostly off the grid, lakeside paradise. it's literally the most magical place on earth. i am so lucky to get to share in this summer tradition. i look forward to it all year. it's one of the few things about summer that truly makes me happy. also, since we go in late july it also signals the end of summer... which makes me even happier!

two years ago, we flew up to camp the day after i found out i was pregnant. i was completely panicked and very tired the whole time. last year, we drove from NC to NY with a four month old baby and barely left camp. this year, our sixteen month old enjoyed running around and playing with her not too distant cousins and we actually got to enjoy some swimming/boating/swanning time... we even went into town one night on an adult dinner outing with matt's two cousins and their husbands!

i just put a lot of 120mm film photos from our trip on my 2017 photography page... while doing that, i realized i left out an entire roll of b&w film from may that i recently had developed! i'll get on updating that soon. check out the photos here --> http://tylre.com/film-2017

new skill in development alert

last week this Cute Girl who works at Cute Shop in town had me over to her Cute House to teach me how to screenprint. i think she was just being polite when she offered to teach me, but i took her up on it anyway! and... it was amazing. i LOVE learning. i LOVE making things with my hands. and i had no idea, really, that this would be so similar to photography and photolithography (what i did at work as an engineer only 6 months ago, before i left for a while to stay home with my daughter). anyway, i found myself super smitten with the process and my mind has been flooded with thoughts of cool potential screenprinting projects.

before this encounter with Cute Girl, btw check out her awesome work here - i had been thinking a lot about buying a letterpress. oh, i also have this giant scary spreadsheet going that showsme how much money i've made vs. spent on my business this year and let me tell you what... YIKES! >.< so i had been discouraged about how unreasonable it would be for me to buy a letterpress right now because, in my mind, letterpress = amazing combo of learning, making by hand, controlling production volume... but i hadn't really considered screenprinting.

so. this morning, i ordered a bunch of supplies with miriam's input. i'm looking forward to making a big mess and making more things.

here are a couple of snaps of the at home printing method miriam showed me ~ my design was a drawing of my daughter, silence, done by a 5 year old, for silence's 1 year birthday party this march. the drawing cracked us all up so much i've had it hanging in our house since the party. and now it exists on a bunch of prints & i can put it on LITERALLY ANYTHING I WANT! BWAHAHAHAHA! :) too much fun. more to come.

new stuff in the works

i've watched all the bob ross there is to see on netflix. i hope more will come along eventually. it's uplifting, relaxing, and totally inspiring. because of that binge watching, i've picked up some of his techniques, so i found that i can actually dream up a bob ross painting pretty easily from scratch. this one, however, i painted referencing a nice painting of his after a very short google image search. it took about an hour to finish and i was grinning the whole time. gouache is certainly a different animal from oil! no brush beater rack needed to save my marriage! i hope you love this as much as i do. this painting will be released as a greeting card in august! :)

until then... happy painting! and god bless, my friend!

little things around the house

for probably a good year, i've wanted to jazz up our stairs. my initial inclination was to make them glittery like a disco ball... or paint some elaborate rainbow... or paint them to look like a piano or something... but anyway, a couple of weeks ago i settled on a design all my own after falling in love with a colour scheme from one of my beloved pattern books. and you know what? I LOVE THEM! i get so giddy going up them now. i'm also excited for this to be the first thing you see when you walk into our house.

if you're considering doing something like this...

  1. DEFINITELY DO IT. we are so happy with it and it really only took a few sessions of committing about an hour to crouching awkwardly.
  2. it helps if you're not a perfectionist. i'm so not! but i could feel that things weren't exactly as i wanted them and could've spent a loooootttttt longer obsessing over them. but you know what? it looks fuckin' fantastic.
  3. stretch first and take breaks! i hurt my back after the first day and had to take a couple of days off.
  4. wallpaper would've been significantly easier...but, thinking ahead to me getting sick of it or us moving someday and wanting to make our house less batshit crazy for prospective buyers... painting over paint is so much easier than undoing wallpaper!

so there you go! a little peek into our house. please let me know if this inspires you to do something similar in your own home! i'd love to see pictures!


eee!!! ok! so! news! you can now buy a sampling of my cards through postable.com! if you are unfamiliar, their business concept is so cool - you can order cards, have your own personal message put inside, and then they get it all put together and mail it for you! what a genius idea. it's like, the convenience of an e-card, but a step beyond with an actual tangible card that's sure to make someone's day! they have so many incredible designers - i am honestly a little starstruck to be a part of such a cool community of artists here. click the image below to check it out!